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Dance Parties

DFA offer dance parties for birthdays or any other children's event.


Choose from:-
* Musicals - such as Frozen, Hairspray, Grease or High School Musical
* Hip-Hop, Street or Jazz
* Ballerina and ballet

Here's what you need to know....

Our dance parties are based on a 2 hour party time. If you want us to stay longer just ask when you request a quotation. Prices available on request. Costumes are optional.
So how does it work ?

We'll do a quick introduction to the children in the first five minutes.

We will then do a 10 minute warm-up with the children to get them moving and ready to dance.
In the next 45 minutes, we will teach them a routine from the theme you have chosen.
We will then stop whilst they have their party food, and if required, are made up ready to perform.
The last 10 minutes are used to practice and get ready to perform the routine twice for the mums and dads at the end of the party.

Make-up - We will use a simple make-up; eyeshadow, blusher, glitter and a little lippy. You will need to confirm if anyone cannot, or does not want to have make-up on.

If you need us to provide party decorations, party bags etc you will need to book at least 4 weeks before the party. Note - catering is not provided.

If there are a lot of children coming to the party, we may need more costumes and an extra dance leader or two - so the quotation will relect this.

We can't wait to have fun at your party. Look forward to hearing from you soon.

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