Dance Focus Academy Term Timetable Autumn 2021
















Studio 1


Studio 2

Studio 1

Studio 2

Studio 1

Studio 2

Studio 1

Studio 2

Studio 1

Studio 2

Studio 1

Studio 2






9am Adult Ballet




9am Adult Ballet


9am Ballet Inter

9.00am - Tap G3







10am Adult Tap Advanced




10am Adult Tap

10am Ballet Pre-prim

9.45am Tap G4


1pm - lunchbites



12,30pm - lunchbites







10.30am Ballet Primary

10.30am Modern Inter






3.45pm Ballet pre-prim






11.00am Ballet G3




3.30-4.30pm Acro training


4.15pm Adult tap silver

4.15pm - Ballet Prim

4.15pm Tap G2


3.30-4.15pm Tap G3

4.15pm Boys Commercial/

Street juniors

4.30pm Commercial/

Street juniors

11.30am Ballet G1




4.45pm Modern G4

5pm Modern Inter


4.45pm Ballet G2

4.45pm Mod/Tap Prim

4.45 5.15pm mod/street beginners


4.45pm Boys Commercial/

Street inters

5.00pm Commercial/

Street inters

12.00pm- Ballet G4




5.30pm Modern Adv1

5.45pm Ballet Inter


5.15pm Ballet G1

5.15pm -Modern G1

5.15pm TBC

5.15pm Acro Juniors


5.30pm Commercial/

Street seniors

12.30pm Ballet G2




6.30pm Adult Tap Adv


6.30pm Gold Jazz

5.45pm Ballet G3

5.45pm Tap G1

6.00 6.45p

mod/street juniors

6.00pm Acro Seniors



1.00pm Ballet G5




7.30pm Adult Jazz

7.15pm Adult Ballet


6.15pm Ballet G4

6.15pm - Contemporary

7.00pm Ballet G6

7.00pm Tap Inter/6










6.45pm Ballet G5

7.00pm Latin Adult Beginners













Ballet G6













8.00pm Modern Inter









Classes and Times are Current as at 6/9/21. Changes may be made during the term, so please check with DFA for the latest updates.